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Biosystemix Ltd.



Working Today to Realize the Personalized Medicine Vision of Tomorrow


Biosystemix takes a staged approach for providing discovery solutions today, and becoming your enabling personalized medicine partner of tomorrow



Bridging the gap between clinical genomics and personalized medicine

Biosystemix data-driven analysis and predictive modeling services let your data speak to you.

If your discovery efforts are focused on clinical genomics, then you’re likely on your way toward a personalized medicine solution.  The unique Biosystemix data-driven analysis approach is designed to put our partners on the fast track to clinical applications by providing a direct path from molecular profiling measurements to biomedical insight and decision.  Our solutions are based on the expertise gained, and methods/workflows developed in the pioneering work we have successfully conducted with our partners in diverse disease and clinical application areas.  You should have the highest confidence in Biosystemix analysis services, because through our direct data-driven, systematic, and transparent approach, it is always your data speaking.  No matter how complex the problem, or how intricate our biomedical outcome-predictive and molecular signaling network models may turn out to be, every component of the analysis is carefully selected and documented, and can be directly traced to the measured data and the critical biomedical goals and questions of the study.



Comprehensive molecular diagnostic and prognostic solutions

The partnering efforts of today create the clinical molecular predictive applications of tomorrow.  Biosystemix is creating with its partners today an intellectual property portfolio of disease and therapeutic specific molecular predictor sets.  This core intellectual property will be integrated in web-based clinical predictive solutions that can be reliably and routinely applied in multiple clinical centers to provide the solutions so intensely needed by patients and medical professionals.  We are continually optimizing our clinical predictive models by integrating the new knowledge gained through growing application experience.  In parallel, we are further refining our mathematical-statistical-computational modeling methods to make our predictions more accurate and robust, while remaining within the realistic confines of solid statistical support.


 …sooner than one may anticipate:

Integrated, personalized molecular medicine

From vision to reality:  Bringing to you both faces of a personalized medicine solution – diagnostic/prognostic prediction integrated with therapeutic agent and pathway selection.

The Biosystemix 2-pronged data-driven analysis approach is already combining today molecular diagnostic/prognostic modeling with therapeutic target and pathway discovery, all derived from the same individualized molecular clinical genomic datasets.  We are now on a path toward selection of novel, individualized drug targets, and systematic mapping of combinations of therapeutics to targets and pathways implicated in individualized medicine profiles.  Large-scale exploration and validation of our integrated molecular personalized medicine approach will provide the basis for the more effective, scientific, and evidence-based medicine of tomorrow.

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