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News Update

Biosystemix Joins the PRIVAC Partnership Project for Personalized Medicine Approaches in the Development of Vaccines for HIV and Cancers

Montreal, October 3, 2007

Biosystemix joins the PRIVAC initiative as a partner for innovating technologies for improved clinical vaccine development and delivery. Funded by Genome Quebec and private sector contributions, the PRIVAC project, Genomics applied to the discovery and development of vaccines and immunotherapies, unites leading experts, institutions, and commercial efforts.

The application of a state of the art genomic molecular profiling and computational analysis technology platform will bring together the pieces required for more effective vaccine development. The biomedical technologies created and applied here will have significant impact in HIV and cancer vaccine treatments, and will provide the foundation for personalized vaccine medicine for a wide range of infectious and immune disease applications. Biosystemix will apply its data-driven approaches and pioneering expertise in personalized molecular medicine to transform clinical scientific data on the fast track into commercial biomedical applications.

“We are excited to continue our long-standing working relationship with Biosystemix, which originates from the Genome Quebec and Genome Canada funded S2K project: ‘Functional Genomics, Pharmacogenomics and Proteomics of the Immune Response in Health and Immune Related Disorders.’ In this PRIVAC project, we will capitalize on the groundbreaking discoveries concerning early clinical molecular vaccination responses we made with Biosystemix in S2K,” states project Scientific Director Dr. Rafick-Pierre Sekaly.

According to Dr. Larry D. Greller, CSO of Biosystemix, “As part of Dr Sekaly’s PRIVAC project, we will expand the application of Biosystemix’s data-driven approaches to define the molecular signatures and causes that distinguish effective from ineffective vaccines.” Dr. Elias Haddad, Project Manager and Senior Investigator, adds, “The clinical molecular profiling data generated here will also provide us with novel functional insights into protective immunity. With Biosystemix’s advanced methods for network reverse engineering, we will gain new knowledge on the major molecular interactions underlying effective vaccination”.

“We look forward to joining again the Dr. Sekaly team in this PRIVAC project. The careful clinical genomic study design provides a powerful data foundation for Biosystemix to extract key markers and targets. This project represents an excellent opportunity to create groundbreaking medical and economic value, through diagnostic and prognostic tests, and personalized targeting of vaccines,” says Dr. Roland Somogyi, President of Biosystemix.




Welcome to Biosystemix:

Building the Bridge to Personalized Medicine


Biosystemix (privately held, founded in 2003) aims to become the leading provider of personalized medicine solutions that will transform the clinical and economic practice of medicine.

Biosystemix generates groundbreaking products for medical decision making and therapeutics through: (1) Partnerships with leading clinical institutions for the discovery of the biomolecular profiles predictive of disease and therapeutic outcomes; (2) computational and information science technologies for the modeling and prediction of clinical treatments and outcomes. Biosystemix creates high medico-economic value through products that (i) lead to more effective treatments, (ii) reduce ineffective treatments, and (iii) reduce the costs of patient care..


Biosystemix Targets Major Unmet Medical Needs

The future of medicine lies in biomolecular and information science-driven personalized care. Acquiring and interpreting the molecular and clinical data that characterize a patient will be the bases for selecting and monitoring therapies. With effective personalized medicine technologies: (i) Diseases will be characterized better and diagnosed correctly more often; (ii) better treatments more customized to the patient will be applied; and (iii) the large costs of otherwise ineffective treatments will be avoided. Through personalized medicine technologies that incorporate novel clinical and molecular information, Biosystemix products (1) increase therapeutic success due to improved treatment selection, (2) relieve stresses on healthcare systems by reducing treatment costs and hospital stays. The Biosystemix product pipeline:

READ (Risk Evaluation for AHCT Donors): Blood-based molecular diagnostic test for in-advance prevention of severe rejection in bone marrow transplantation (patent filed April 2007).

FL Test: Molecular test for the prediction of Follicular Lymphoma cancer outcomes (provisional patent filed Sep. 2007).

Vaccines Personalized Medicine: Partnership with international leader in clinical molecular immunogenomics for the discovery and development of personalized HIV and cancer vaccines.

Critical Care Personalized Medicine: Collaboration with a leading clinical center in the development of bedside tests for critical care treatment selection (very large diagnostic market opportunity).


Biosystemix Background

Biosystemix was founded by Dr. Roland Somogyi and Dr. Larry D. Greller to transform clinical and molecular disease research into data-driven medical solutions.  In addition to the vast amounts of medical patient information being used today, modern molecular profiling methods provide detailed data on the state and causes of an individual’s disease to an unprecedented degree.  Through the molecular analysis of blood and biopsy tissue, we can access the information that will tell us with increasing precision what a patient’s disease outcome might be, and which therapeutic strategies may be most suitable.                                    

At Biosystemix we believe that patients and clinical practitioners should be able to benefit from these novel molecular and personalized medicine technologies as soon as possible.  These technologies are not only expected to lead to intensely needed increases in medical treatment successes and patient quality of life, but also to a reduction of the medical care burden, and more efficient, individually-targeted therapeutic development.

While there are many clinical molecular disease studies ongoing today, we are still challenged with bridging the substantial gap between the acquired medical research data, and the desired clinical, personalized medicine applications.  The key to information-driven, personalized medicine lies in developing accurate, powerful, and reliable computational and statistical predictive models from the evidence-base of molecular and clinical patient data.  These models, whether relatively simple or highly complex, can transform diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic decision-making.  Because they capture in detail the true clinical and molecular knowledge available, they maximize the predictive power available today for medical decision support.

Biosystemix provides the technologies, data analysis services, and partnering solutions to build the bridge between molecular and clinical study data and effective personalized medicine application models.  Our efficient and direct, data-driven approaches rely on advanced methods from statistics, signal processing, machine learning, pattern recognition, data mining, and mathematical modeling.  Our work is carefully orchestrated with biomedical domain expertise to guide the definition and search for effective applications.  Biosystemix currently provides its expertise in the form of consulting, analysis services, discovery partnerships, and reports focusing on complex predictive models for customer applications. Together with our partners we are developing novel solutions that combine biomarkers and therapeutics into personalized medicine application solutions.



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